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Featured artist reviews:
Claire Cormany combines subtle colors with backgrounds that are usually soft and neutral in value. She creates contrast in brush stroke with pattern and subtle contrasts in mid-range hues. There is spontaneity evident in her paint application—nothing tight and restricted to geometric precision—just the evidence of enjoyment and freedom of application. The blending of tonalities creates exciting areas for the viewer to contemplate. She uses nature as her beginning point of reference—whether it is water, sky, or floral hints of color, then she adds just sufficient amount of subject matter to entice you to look deeper into her imagery for its freshness and spontaneity of expression.

Laurens Cotton is represented in our gallery with a range of work extending from furniture (tables and benches) to very well-made boxes, which combine good aesthetic visual design with utilitarian use. The boxes are containers with drawers, compartments to keep treasures or memories. He uses wood for its own beauty—grain, pattern, color, and contrast. His designs are precis, with excellent craftsmanship in the joints, cuts, and inlays. The precision in the fit of the drawers, lids, legs, and handles are evident in his range of boxes. The finish on his surfaces invite the viewer or user to softly rub the surface and feel the smoothness produced by quality of craftmanship in finish. In viewing his work, one should observe how the wood itself, with its grain and pattern combine with contrast of tone or color, enabling one to see the wonder of nature itself in display.

Leigh Ann Hurst constructs exquisite metal jewelry with precision cuts and craftmanship in her process of production. Combining metals—copper, gold, and silver into intricate patterns and design allowing the textures and layers to create good contrast and balance between positive and negative shapes. She combines and contrasts carious units—squares, circle, and lines to create pieces which range from simple to complex. Some pieces are made using the contrast of metals with delicate additions of colored gemstones. Her necklaces are complemented with intriguing and well-matched chains. All her works are extremely wearable—good weight for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, while combining unique design with affordability.

Barbara Prior
’s watercolors and drawings are derived from nature and her interpretation of reality. Her floral paintings show her perception of the subject matter in pattern and contrast. She uses true-to-life color in leaves and blossoms, then showing contrast between object/ground by painting the negative background with crisp edges that outline the object. Her color palette is bright and cheerful while staying clear of being garish or harsh. Her composition fills the space with good balance of design. This shows that she has observed and carefully chosen the layout for her presentation. In her landscapes the viewer can find interpretation of the scene, and reflecting upon personal thoughts and memories, they are enabled to associate the painting with personal experience.

Sally Threldkeld
’s work seems to combine enough mystery with reality to entice the viewer to spend some time in contemplation. Her color palette is subdued in tonality and combined with the softness of her color blending. This gives the viewer enough room for personal interpretation of her work. There is enough hint of nature to offer the idea of landscape—since we often associate a horizontal line as an interpretation of nature’s boundary of earth and sky. To this, a viewer can see enough hinting of object (trees, hills, etc.) to assume the subject is derived from a misty reality. The haziness, or lack of sharp contrast, does not jar the senses, but gives a quiet feeling of tranquility.

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September Featured Artists
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